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Your first lesson will be casual and used for evaluating your level and specific needs. Thereafter, most lessons will consist of learning simple and fun technical exercises for the hands, and new concepts and songs from lesson books. Students also learn music theory (written assignments will be completed at home each week and discussed during the lesson), and work on a fun song that the student gets to choose. We will use the full 30 or 45 minutes! Lessons are fun and flexible, and the exact procedures will vary depending on the students' individual personalities and strengths. There are some routines, however, to compensate for any unfamiliarity, and to aid in remembering all practice elements. Come prepared to the lesson by practicing all songs and completing the theory to get the most out of the time. 

Lesson Costs:  

30-minute lesson:                                  $ 152 per month

60-minute semi-private piano lesson:  $152 per month
45-minute lesson:                                   $ 224 per month

Homeschool lessons:                               Discounted rates may apply (plus travel)

All prices are based on four lessons per month​. Discount scholarships may be available based on need; please contact me. No pro-rating for missed lessons.


My favorite, and definitely my top recommendation for all learners. These are 1-hour small-group sessions where students rotate to "stations" for 20 minutes each. (3-4 students per hour). One station is at the piano one-on-one with me, and the other stations use headphones and ear training software and keyboards for practice and theory work. Students receive 20 minutes of one-on-one time, as well as 40 minutes (2 blocks of 20 minutes at other "stations")of guided practice and extra music immersion. I usually have a college-age student teacher helping me during these lessons.


Kids LOVE these because they get to show off when they want to, team up with other students, OR just zone out with headphones when they need quiet time. Excellent for pulling extreme introverts out of their shell, and also for extroverts to learn to practice independently. It's easy for me to see how students use their in-class practice time, and I can coach them on HOW to practice. Yes, we practice how to practice (independently.) That is probably the most valuable asset of semi-private lessons, but the kids look forward to the hilarious computer program (it's plugged into a midi keyboard), and building rapport with other learners.


Groups are mixed ages, and it's so wonderful to see older kids helping younger peers during these groups. It benefits both learners, and generally as time goes by EVERYONE has the chance to be the "expert" sometime. I love to see their faces beam when they triumphantly help someone else with something that used to really stump them. I have had most students progress faster in semi lessons than 30-minute private. Changing up activities also helps extend time at the piano.


Same price as 30-minute private lessons, but 1 hour semi-private offers so much more.



Jazz Camp: ages 8+

POP, jazz and rock camp (Rock band) : ages 5-8 & ages 9+

Summer and school holidays

Half or Full Day camps

Mixed age camps for siblings available


                       See Camps tab for more schedule and more information

Homeschool Music

I also offer lessons for homeschool programs. I can teach in the studio, or in some cases in your home (during school-day hours). I have experience working with home-school families and co-ops. I also have a valid CA teaching credential. In many cases you can receive reimbursement for music and other electives instruction. Feel free to contact me for more information. I'm a vendor for Compass Charter and Inspire Charter Schools.

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