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Piano lessons for students of all ages and ability levels! I have been teaching for nearly 20 years, including in the public school system for the last 15 years. I am a fully credentialed teacher in California, and have extensive training and experience working with students with special educational needs, including ESL and gifted classification. My specialties also include older/adult beginners and mixed-method curricula.


I have the extraordinary experience of having taught piano since I was a young teen and then all throughout college, giving me a unique combination of youth and experience that keeps both my students and their parents happy. I started my career at the age of 15 as a church organist (and after-school piano teacher) in my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.


For more information about me, see my "about me" page.

Classically trained New Orleans Piano Player will teach you to love music!

Fun & Flexible Piano Lessons


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*Spring Recitals* 

Coming soon


*Covid-19 Upate:*

-Offering remote lessons online now!

-Also will be posting Facebook Live tutorial videos to keep you busy during this isolation

-Please maintain your payments if you are able to do so and have no income interruption during this time. We will make some lessons up if we need to. Thank you for understanding !

Music is for EVERYONE! We learn music many different ways, and I use flexible methods to keep my students motivated.

Photo by Chris Tillman Photography

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